Vision:  We help leaders structure their creativity to execute vision with precision!

The goal of Paula Washington Enterprises is to help leaders reach their full potential with clarity to achieve profitable results. Its premier programs are the Institute for Leadership Innovation and Design Your Life First Academy. Paula and her team provide an integrated service offering programs designed to serve entrepreneurs, executives and their teams. The dedicated practice areas are executive and business coaching, consulting, certification programs, strategic innovation planning for leaders, and economic empowerment for women.

The Institute for Leadership Innovation (ILI)

ILI’s certified coaches help organizations continuously improve their performance, productivity, and organizational effectiveness through an array of human capital interventions, tools, and technologies.  ILI’s coaching experience equips leaders with the skills needed to drive and manage change, time mastery, and thrive in the most challenging situations with a heightened level of awareness.  This approach successfully helps leaders structure their creativity and execute vision with precision resulting in a greater sense of accomplishment and professional acceleration.

ILI consultants incorporate interactive engagement, idea exchange, and tactical planning to create simplified solutions.  ILI’s proprietary ROI methodologies help assess critical needs and develop strategies that align with corporate goals and objectives.  Its measurement models help clients define what is key to their organization’s growth potential that will improve the decision making process. ILI’s  competency building approach equips companies with tools to create engaging and effective teams that excel in their personal leadership,  project performance management, and improvement processes resulting in organizational growth and transformation.


Design Your Life First Academy’s mission is to build wealth and spark global strategic change for women in business.  By promoting economic empowerment among women who design business models that build strong communities, our proven processes, structures, and approaches help women succeed in life.  Whether business owner,  want to renew your vision, encore career, or master your time and add more spice to your life, Design Your Life First events and programs are just for you!

What People Say

Paula is an amazing coach and mentor. Her excellent advice helped me to steer my business in a profitable direction and I would highly recommend her services to anybody who is trying to take their business and personal life to the next level.

Ray Abram, PMP Project Manager Scrum Master at PGI

Working with Paula changed my whole outlook of how I had been doing business for over 15 years for the better. My entire business was transformed, and now we are producing more revenue than ever. We are more organized, not to mention all my employees are now more mentally prepared after she performed her miraculous work. Paula and her company are worth their weight in GOLD!

-MonaLisa Wilson, CEO Sierra Productions, Inc.

After attending Design Your Life First workshop I had a new strategy and clarity and closed a $10,000 deal that day.                                                                          

Leslie McKinney Smith, Sales Director

“Entrepreneurs are simply those who understand that there is little difference between obstacles and opportunity and are able to turn both to  their advantage.”   Niccolo Machiavelli