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April 9, 2015
How The Categories Work Together
April 9, 2015

Medians of Communication

Before considering who, why, and what you are communicating —have you created a brand promise? Having such a statement gives clarity of expectation to all stakeholders involved.

When effectively written, the brand promise statement provides the direction for integrating frameworks and building your brand momentum strategy. All systems communicate, working together with a singular focus.

Median of Communication: Brand Promise

In a Gallup Business Journal article (2013), Dr. John Timmerman states that operationalizing a brand promise may not be an easy task as it requires alignment of important organizational elements, including strategy, leadership, customer knowledge, process design, human capital, and measurement. Get the mix right and your brand becomes an engine that drives the company forward.

Median of Communication: Distribution Channels

With the advancement of technology, particularly social media,companies need a tactical plan for communicating in the industry market.
Traditional methods are still needed. Marketing and sales strategies should be expanded to include traditional tactics and online social media.

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