Paula has successfully managed, directed, and coached hundreds of executives in advancing their careers and businesses.  As a result of her life’s work, she established Paula Washington Enterprises to  help business leaders structure their creativity to execute vision with precision. Its programs are the Institute for Leadership Innovation and Design Your Life First Academy.  The dedicated practice areas are executive and business coaching, consulting, strategic innovation planning and change, as well as economic empowerment for women.

Ms. Washington created a five-step process that focuses on organizational capabilities and competency building which equips leaders with the tools to conduct engaging effective teams for all stakeholders in the project performance management and improvement processes.  With the best of both worlds, a corporate career and entrepreneurship, her goal is to cultivate the entrepreneurial leadership mindset.  She believes in a global economy understanding and engaging both frameworks is critical for business success.  To increase one’s bottom line, the entrepreneurial leadership mindset offers a greater alignment for personal growth and professional acceleration.

Passionate about economic empowerment for women she created the Design Your Life First program for women in business. As a mother and entrepreneur, Paula understands that women have unique roles and challenges in aligning life transitions. She personally created and tested a set of practical applications, and strategies just for women that allows for progression and a natural entrepreneurial transition combined with the necessary steps for success.  This revolutionary program quickly became successful and in response,  the Design Your Life First Academy, Inc. was launched (501c3 non profit). The academy provides entrepreneurial leadership learning for women through live events, online learning modules, and coaching programs.

Known as an Executive Coach, Professional Speaker,  Strategist, Author, and Advocate for Women in Business, Paula has an MBA in International Business, an MS in Organizational Leadership, multiple certifications in Entrepreneurship, Executive Leadership for Non Profits, Executive Coaching, and FourSight Assessment Practitioner.

Paula has tremendous energy and is a dynamic speaker who inspires others and is a person of sterling character.
Jeffrey Rosensweig, Director of Global Perspectives Program, Goizueta Business School of Emory University


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