Paula has over 20 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience as an executive coach, strategist, and trainer specializing in professional development and strategic innovation and change. The coaching experience is one of the most impactful and rewarding ways to build momentum and facilitate change.

With the best of both worlds, a corporate career and entrepreneurship, my expertise is to cultivate the entrepreneurial leadership mindset. In a global economy understanding and engaging both frameworks is critical for business success. To increase one’s bottom line, whether self-employed or employee, the entrepreneurial leadership mindset offers a great balance  for personal growth and professional acceleration. I personally coach entrepreneurs and executives to achieve profitable results, in areas of growth and transforming business cultures.

Passionate about economic empowerment for women she created the Design Your Life First program for corporate women pursuing entrepreneurship and those in transition. As a mother and business owner, Paula understands that women have unique roles and challenges with the constant battle of balancing life. She personally created and tested a set of practical applications, and strategies just for women that allows for progression and a natural entrepreneurial transition combined with the necessary steps for success.

This revolutionary program quickly became successful and in response,  the Design Your Life First Academy was launched. The academy provides entrepreneurial leadership learning for women through live events, online learning modules, and coaching programs.

Known as a coach, mentor, educator, author, and speaker Paula has an MBA in International Business, an MS in Organizational Leadership, and multiple certifications in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Coaching.


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