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To promote economically empowered women who design successful business models that build strong communities.

Empowering the Real You

Design Your Life First


Design Your Life First Academy’s focus is to build wealth and spark global strategic change for women in business.  By promoting economic empowerment among women who design successful business models that build strong communities our proven processes, structures, and approaches help women succeed in life.  Whether longtime business owner,  want to renew your vision, encore career, or master your time and add more spice to your life, our events and programs are just for you!  The choice of taking a leap of faith, believing in yourself and business idea, is one of the most important, life changing and rewarding decisions a woman can make. As an added bonus our programs are supported by supplemental coaching.

Design Your Life First Academy guarantees the resources
needed to improve your quality of life!

Empowering the Real You personal leadership program is for small groups and individuals to design a lifestyle vision. Women leave with a greater sense of direction, inspired, refreshed, and confident regarding their future. As women, transition is our norm, whether you have been in business a long time,  need to rejuvenate, need focus, preparing for an encore career, this program is for you.

Empowering you

How It Works


Empowering the Real You!

Lifestyle and Financial Goals


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Your Lifestyle Design


Overall Financial Goals

Action Plan Integration

What Women Say

“Thank you Paula for all you do!  After attending the Design Your Life First program, I experienced a renewed passion for life.  I walked away with a strategic plan that integrated my personal, business, and financial goals.  I was in a state of burnout and discontentment, now I have clarity, energy and a plan to move forward.”

-Mernice Oliver, Corporate Recruiter, Fidelity National Financial/BPG and Founder of Above and Beyond Network, mentoring female insurance agents

Ready to Change Your Life?

How to Make Money Now

Design Your Business Niche’

Design your niche


Design Your Business Niche’ – this unique marketing strategy helps you identify your business niche and develop a plan to make money now.


  • How to Identify Your Niche’ Market
  • Elements of Timing: stages/cycles of life and business
  • Develop a Realistic Niche Marketing Plan

How It Works


Idea & Structure


Design Your Business Niche'


Design Financial Goals

What Women Say

“As CEO of a consulting firm, I found myself in a quandary regarding business growth. I knew The Design Your Life First Academy would be a profitable experience as I previously attended Paula’s mentor program resulting in a seven-figure investment for my non-profit.

With a new business foundation, renewed sense of empowerment and promising future, I highly recommend Design Your Life First Academy with Coach Paula, to help you reach your pinnacle of success.  Coach Paula has an authentic and professional approach, she worked diligently to help me identify and design the perfect market niche. Empowered to Prosper!”

-Dr. Belinda Campbell, New Covenant Solutions, LLC

Ready to Change Your Business?

Planning with Profitability in Mind

The Power to Produce


Planning with Profitability in Mind — this energetic learning experience helps you take action regarding business financial goals. Women evaluate their assets to leverage those assets for optimal profitability.  At this stage, you are equipped with confidence, a plan and the power to produce profit.


  • Master blueprint for consistent cash flow
  • Identify revenue streams
  • Convert more leads to cash
  • Interpret financial statements: balance sheet, etc.

This course will complete your program and you will have an integrated plan to grow your business.  Financial formulas have been included in each module resulting with a complete financial plan that includes personal and business short/long-term goals.

Power to produce

How It Works


Integrating Financial Objectives


Financial Stratagems


Implementation Blueprint

What Women Say

“In 2013, I attended the Design Your Life First program.  Burnt out after 10 years as a business owner and ready to give up, I knew that Paula was literally a Godsend.  After attending her program, my enthusiasm to excel in business returned.  I developed a business plan for a new media business idea and actually won the program competition. Presently, my client base has doubled and recently attained an equity partner to help launch this vision in 2016.

I am eternally grateful for Paula and her leadership.  I encourage woman in business to connect with this inspiring and brilliant woman.  Not only does she prepare you for the next level in business practically, but she also inspires you to get that spark back in your work habits.  I encourage anyone to invest time with anything Paula Washington puts her hands on!”

-Sabrina Guice, CEO, Lenox Avenue Publishing, Inc.

Ready to Super Charge Your Business?

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