We provide consulting solutions performance measurement methods in four key areas: focus, framework, discipline, and consistency.  These methods and tools are designed to help companies create strategic frameworks that assist with the decision-making process.  The discipline of using a simple integrated system helps companies make continuous meaningful progress toward their goals.  Individual consultation, group/team, and mastermind brainstorming sessions are available.

Group Sessions

These transformational fact finding sessions are for a select group of executives/business owners who want to collaborate on ideas to leverage experience, relationships, and resources.  Often times it is difficult for leadership to take a step back and analyze in detail how the company is performing. Assessing your organizational culture is a major consideration in knowing the strengths and weaknesses along with a host of other considerations. The most successful leaders understand leveraging their assets for expansion.

  • Save Time and Money

  • Objective expert advise and long-term business planning

  • Innovative Solutions and Minimized Risk

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Mastermind Groups

Whether leading in an organization or building your own clientele these Mastermind Groups will empower you to achieve your objectives. Our Mastermind group are provide an exclusive community for peer to peer mentoring, feedback, problem solving through collective intelligence. Growing within a group is always fun and effectual, you are better equipped to learn, lead, execute ideas, and collaborate with others.


  • Feedback, Ideas and Brainstorming

  • Positive Peer Support

  • Resources

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Senior Executives

Building Your Brand Momentum

For those considering brand expansions, this powerful roundtable offers senior level executives, partners, and entrepreneurs thought-provoking inquiries that assess ones organization, business, and leadership team.  Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your companies human capital is vital for creating thriving organizational cultures.  Creating a plan that encompasses the organizational structure, brand performance, and innovation are key factors for business growth.  You will leave with a framework of measurement and planning to jumpstart your expansion plan.  These private roundtables are for small groups of 5 to 7 attendees.


  • Brand Frameworks

  • Brand Momentum Builders

  • Brand Impacts

  • Brand Promise: Management and Execution Strategy

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 ENCORE: Turning Your Passion into Profit

Do you want to leverage your professional and interpersonal skills acquired from your first career, for your next stage? This innovative laser focused program helps you design your preferred future that includes meaning, balance, and profitability. Encore helps you strategically transition, create a business, launch a new idea with a greater sense of meaning and impact.



  • Asset Matrix

  • Niche Market Valuation Tool

  • Relational Currency Model

  • Brand Promise Blueprint

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