Our Vision is to build wealth, and lead global strategic change for women in business

Start or grow a business

Launch a project/product

Encore Career: clarify your next move

Take charge of your life

Financial independence

Design Your Life First Academy guarantees the resources you need to jumpstart your goals for 2018 and beyond!

Design Your Life First Academy’s (DYLFA) focus is to build wealth and spark global strategic change for women in business.  By promoting economic empowerment among women who design successful business models that build strong communities our proven processes, structures, and approaches help women succeed in life.  Whether longtime business owner,  want to renew your vision, encore career, or master your time and add more spice to your life, our events and programs are designed just for you.  The choice of taking a leap of faith, believing in yourself and business idea, is one of the most important life changing, and rewarding decisions a woman can make.

Program offerings: Lunch N Learns, Seminars, Small Group, One-on-One, and Webinars. Programs are scheduled twice a year for open enrollment in Spring and Fall. Events such as luncheons, workshops, onsite meetings master mind groups are scheduled throughout the year. We host an annual event celebrating your accomplishments and highlighting our graduates. For more details signup on our contact form.

You Receive

Module 1:
Empowering the Real You!

Personal Leadership Focus
Develop Personal Financial Outline

Take away: Action Plan

Module 2:
Design Your Business Niche’

Learn how to make money now by developing a niche marketing strategy.

Take away: Customized Niche’ Marketing Strategy

Module 3:
Power to Produce

Planning with Profitability in Mind
Plan Integration and Execution

Take away: Master Blueprint