Research showed that consistently innovative companies hold 6 times the market share, make 3 times the profit,
and do 50% better during recessions than their average peers.”


The Institute for Leadership Innovation (ILI) provides a holistic and actionable approach.  It combines “the where, the what and the how” of innovation strategies, processes, and technology to build sustainable capabilities that ensure consistent business growth.  ILI’s experts share their thinking, experience, and solutions to develop fresh perspectives and practical solutions for organizational sustainability and growth.

ILI customizes corporate education to meet private and public client goals while understanding and utilizing individual learning styles.  Its proprietary ROI learning design provides solutions that are essential to increase efficiency and effectiveness on every level of the business.   Process improvements experts help identify, analyze, and assist organizations to create and establish high performing processes that are sustainable and will grow.

With over 25 years experience, Paula and her team deliver proven  methodologies for corporate education and entrepreneurship through the efficiency of its blended learning platform along with the FourSight Thinking Profile.  With this integrative approach individuals, teams and organizations can discover their problem-solving preferences, understand how to leverage thinking styles which are the first steps towards achieving consistent breakthrough results.  ILI’s service delivery consists of customized one-on-one and one-to-many, workshops, seminars, symposiums, and eLearning programs.  All books and other products related to its educational programs are published through PW Publishing.


  • Developing People

  • Innovative Thinkers

  • Driving Strategic Change

  • Advancing Organizations

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