Emboldening Women in Business: Making the Leap from 9 to 5 to Full-Time Business Ownership

Welcome to Your Encore: Going from Now to Next!
We offer personalized coaching, strategic planning, and mentoring for seamless transitions and holistic growth. Whether transitioning from the corporate world to full-time business ownership or seeking career advancement strategies, we are dedicated
 to empowering you every step of the way.

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Welcome to the Encore: Going from Now to Next! Coaching series is designed exclusively for determined female entrepreneurs ready to make the leap from corporate to full-time business ownership or supercharge their careers

Are you ready to create your exit strategy and turn your business or career dream into reality?

Discover a proven five-step approach to crafting a strategic life plan for your journey to full-time business ownership or career advancement. Our coaching series equips you with the skills to navigate from where you are now to where you want to be, focusing on the 3C's: Consistency, Continuous Improvement, and Commitment. We provide tools and techniques to overcome unproductive mindsets and behaviors.

Recognize and seize the right opportunities, setting realistic goals that align with your  long-term vision. Define your unique standards of excellence to measure your success.

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ENCORE: Going from Now to Next! 

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maximize the Power of Your Message for Greater Impact, Income, and Influence

Craft an Exit Strategy to Pursue Your Encore Career or Business Idea

Convert Your Passion Project into a Lucrative Business

Financial Freedom strategies to attain more Fun, and Family Time through a Plan Aligned with Your Business, Career, and Legacy Goals!

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One-on-One Coaching
One Day VIP Intensive

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“Paula’s expertise, thoughtfulness, generous, and inspiring nature gave me the energy needed to re-align my business.”

Paula Washington, Strategy Coach, Trainer & Speaker

Change is never easy, but it’s always worth it. I am here to help you understand and accept where you’ve been, believe in where you’re going, and get you there, realizing there’s beauty in transition. Along the way, I promise you will laugh while you learn and smile through your tears, knowing you deserve whatever you pursue.

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The "Why" Behind What I Do

To build generational wealth for women, girls, and families.


Emboldening women in business, enhancing their impact, income, and influence as they transition from corporate success to thriving business ownership or career advancement through expert coaching, mentoring, training, and a supportive community. 


Resilient women build legacy businesses that create momentum in families and communities which can ultimately affect global change!

my belief

"My entire business was transformed, and now we are producing more revenue than ever and more organized, not to mention my employees are now more mentally prepared after she performed her miraculous work. Paula and her company are worth their weight in GOLD!” 

— Mona Lisa Wilson

"Working with Paula changed my whole outlook of doing business for over 15 years for the better."

Knowing that transitioning from corporate to business ownership can be unsettling, I developed a set of tools that will guide you as you successfully navigate personal and professional transitions. Encore: Going from Now to Next! will help you create a definitive roadmap of how to get there and what is essential for you, your business, and your career right now!

With the best of both worlds, my focus is to help entrepreneurs and career women do what they love by creating their passion work.

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